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People will stare.
Make it worth their while.

Harry Winston

My Services

Providing a range of services from Makeup for competitive athletes to costume hire and bespoke crystalled costumes. Also providing various sponsorship opportunities to various events Australia wide.


Makeup for Aerialists, Sports & Fitness Models

Edie’s background as a dancer and nationally placed sports model means she understands the needs and requirements for long lasting stage makeup. Specialising in makeup for performers of all levels, from Aerialists to Bodybuilding.


Costumes available for hire and purchase

A range of bikini’s available for purchase and hire, covered with genuine Swarovski Crystals to help you stand out for your next competition or photoshoot.

Styling Services

Costume Styling and Stage Prep

Helping performers and athletes with all their makeup, costume checks and any extra styling, from gluing manes, creating cyborgs, to last minute bikini adjustments. Edie has you covered!


Please call me on 0411 965 850 or fill out the form for more information or to arrange an appointment.

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